Tuesday, October 14, 2014


For a group art tumblr I am a part of called Character Wednesday.

Title: Devil Dinosaur

14 inches by 11 inches
acrylic paint and ink on watercolor paper
October 13, 2014

Course Correction

This will be brief. For about a year now, since my illustrated Heart of Darkness was released, this blog and the accompanying tumblr have been a mix of my own art and other people's art as well, liberally seeded with links to other sites and events. That is going to end. While I will continue to occasionally link to interesting articles (like Scott Baxter's piece on Melville's The Encantadas below) and upcoming appearances of mine, beyond that the focus of this blog and the tumblr will be, exclusively, my own art and illustration.

While I have continued working diligently on my own art, I do feel that I've lost a bit of focus and that troubles me. This course correction is a small but important part of the solution. The only exceptions I will make are the remaining Witch-king of Angmar commissions, since several of them are working their way toward completion and arrival even now. When that collection reaches 64 pieces, I am closing the commissions and if any new art is added to the World's Largest Personal Collection of Nazgul Art, it will be my own.

So there it is. Prepare yourself for an uninterrupted immersion in my art for the foreseeable future.

Scott Baxter on Melville's "Encantadas"

I have an interesting history with Scott Baxter, a man who I consider a friend but who I have never had the good fortune to meet. Way back in 2009, right around when I first started this blog and began the series of illustrations that would eventually become my first book Moby-Dick in Pictures, Scott discovered my work and sent me a genuinely kind email. I truly believe he may have been the very first person outside of my family and my circle of close friends to find out about my Moby-Dick illustrations and my love of Melville. Scott was kind enough to give to me this tiny, heavily abridged and fully illustrated copy of Moby-Dick to replace the one which I had loved and lost so many years earlier, as a young child.

That book was, and still is, very dear to me as it was my first encounter with Melville's words and a vivid episode from my youth. Scott didn't have to send it to me but he did, and that is just one of many examples of the kindness, generosity and friendship he embodies.

I was very pleased when Scott emailed me to let me know that he had published a short appreciation of Melville's The Encantadas online, at Quadrapheme. I had read many of Scott's emails and knew him to be very well read, but this is the first time I have had an opportunity to read something like this from him. And I must say it is very well done, full of interesting observations and parallels. You can read Scott's piece titled The Enduring Power of Melville's Encantadas online here, and for anyone who cares about Melville's work, you truly should.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Spudd64.com, my web site, re-designed

I have completely re-designed my web site Spudd64.com to streamline it, more intelligently curate the selection of illustrations, and make the entire thing easier and more rewarding to navigate. Do take a look some time, I'd be grateful.

The Hall of Nazgul, nearly half complete

For some time I had hung most of the framed Witch-king of Angmar art in the stairway hall. Then I moved most of it into my studio, but I found that oddly confining. I seem to prefer mostly blank white walls in there. Recently, I framed a few more pieces and re-hung all of the art in that hallway. Here are a few photos to show all of the art so far. There is a bit more room at the bottom and I have three pieces ready to be framed to complete this part of the wall.

So, from left to right in these photos, the artists are Medusawolf (lower left, dark red piece), G.W. Duncanson (above Medusawolf, small pale piece), my wife (dark rider on horseback), Doug Meyer (large narrow piece painted on wood), me, Danielle Burton (smaller piece above mine, in silver frame), Aeron Alfrey (small painting above gold piece), Matthew Houston (large piece with gold background) and Skinner (giant piece at the end).


This is very exciting so it bears re-posting even though it is not quite complete. Artist Sam Withers (who has a tumblr, ssohardd) has been working steadily on this amazing Witch-king of Angmar commission for some time and he is nearing completion. He's posted a few in-progress pics and I wanted to share the most recent one here.