Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have been mentioned (sort of a review, too)

Julie Eakin also wrote some amazingly kind things about this project and the upcoming book for ForeWord Reviews, and you can read them right here. I like this because she went a little deeper into the work itself and touched on some of what I was doing with the art.

I'll be honest, I know the book is coming out soon (a little over a month now) and there will almost certainly be a savage review somewhere. I know what my weaknesses are, and in this digital age, I suppose you're nobody until somebody publicly rips on you. That one-star Amazon review is just around the corner, I think, and while I try not to think about that too much I do get a little nervous and queasy about it. But so far, everyone, and I really do mean everyone, has been genuinely kind and supportive and enthusiastic about this project and the book, and I never would have dreamed that something I made would resonate in such a good way with so many different kinds of people. All of these words people write about the project mean a lot to me. Thank you.

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