Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My art, in Scotland...

The immensely gifted poet JoAnne McKay who, some time ago, was kind enough to include some of my illustrations in a magnificent handmade poetry book she created titled Venti has also purchased some of my Moby-Dick. As you know, it gives me great joy to share my art with friends, and ever greater joy to see images of my art in its new home. JoAnne has written a wonderful blog post with lots of photos of the contents of the package that I sent her, as well as some in-progress photos of the art being framed. This kind of thing simply thrills me to no end. And to think this is all happening in Scotland! Someplace I have only ever read about and dreamed of! To know that my art, made in my closet with my own two hands, now lives thousands of miles away across the ocean. It's brilliant! Many many thanks JoAnne, for the post, the photos, the kindness, and the friendship!

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