Monday, April 16, 2012

We'll be right back...

This weekend brought no end of computer problems. Sadly, I need to invest in a new laptop, and as soon as I do I will be smashing my old one with a hammer. Just like that picture above. So for a day or two, there may be no posts of significance since I can only get online from work. I'll be back sooner than you could possibly imagine.


  1. Sorry for repost! What computer are you gonna get?

  2. Still not sure. For the time being we're just using my wife's laptop, which is only slightly older than mine but roughly the same. It's some kind of Toshiba PC. I know you would probably recommend that I get a Mac of some kind, but I just don't think my pockets are deep enough for that. Even a refurbished one is a lot more than I can probably pay.

  3. Oh, and your logo is coming soon. It was surprisingly difficult for me to conceptualize it, but I have a pretty solid lead now and expect to have it completed soon. Very hand-made and analog.


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